Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dolphins and sharks in Roatan

I am now working in Roatan, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. There are two things that  I really like about this island: Dolphins and Sharks. Both are amazing to be in the water with. This is the 3rd time I met Mika in the last 5 years, one of the trained dolphins in Roatan. Last time we met in Belize. I find her as cute as always; very friendly too.

I have been spending quite a lot of time with sharks too. They are Caribbean Reef Sharks (Carcharhinus perezi), about 20-25 of them that visit the same area, 70 feet deep. They get quite close and sometimes bump into my camera or hit the strobes with the nose. Their sleek bodies move very elegantly and I could spend hours watching them, but the dive computer only gives me about 40 minutes before going into deco mode and tell me it’s time to go back to the boat.

Soon I´ll post the Bonaire and Roatan photos in