Friday, February 27, 2009

Magic Sea, the book

A selection of 110 photographs illustrate this pictorial voyage around the world's Oceans. I have carefully chosen his favorites images for this portfolio to share his personal view of the sea.


This book is a glimpse of the magic that have I discovered during my incursions into that fantastic world. Fifteen years and thousands of dives in all six continents are condensed in these pages showing a shy representation of the variety of shapes, colors and textures of light and life below the waves. From a tiny coral polyp forming part of the Great Barrier Reef to a leopard seal in Antarctica, they are all inspiring creatures that live in a delicate balance with their environment.


Available in soft and hard cover

20cm X 25 cm

80 pages


Oh yeah, you can buy it here  ;-)


Bronze in the Our World Underwater International Photo & Video Competition

Last weend took place the Our World Underwater International Photo & Video Competition in Chicago where I won the Bronze prize in the Environment & Conservation Category with this photo of a unfortunate green sea turtle caught in a abandoned fishing net. I took this images while diving the Chikuzen wreck in the British Virgin Islands.

During last years I have been seeing an obvious decay in the coral reefs due to several factors, like overfishing, global warming, dynamite fishing, drifting nets, etc.I have been capturing this situations with my camera to show the negative effects we have over the Ocean and spread the word about environmental issues. I consider this award a recognition for that effort.

Seeing this turtle was a particularly sad experience. Turtles, as reptiles they are, they need to go to the surface to breathe air. So when they are caught in a net the enter in a panic situation and drown. This turtle still had air in its lungs and there was a another turtle swimming around, maybe trying to understand what happened to his friend…