Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photo competition in Lanzarote

From the Philippines I have gone to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands - Spain to participate in a photo competition and to spend few days relaxing in this wonderful island.
The competition went very well. We placed in 2nd position, which was a good result considering we had never dived in this island and we didn't had the chance to check out the dive sites in advance, like the rest of the photographers did some days prior the competition. This was a shout-out or splash-in photo competition, meaning that the photos had to be taken in some particular dive sites under some specific regulations. The competition took place during two days, in which we did two dives per day. We could only take 100 photos per day. At the end of the second dive we had to choose a collection of 6 images, which couldn't be retouched in the computer. The collection must have 2 photos of fauna, 2 creative photos and 2 wide angle photos, one of them with a model and the other one without model. This is one of the creative shots of the collection.
We had a great time catching up with other photographers and after the comp we went diving for fun and took some more photos, this time without the restrictions and pressure of the competition.

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